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Financial Development: A journey from financial struggle to financial freedom Paperback


Ever-growing living costs and decreasing living standards have once again made it harder for many people, especially those overwhelmed by debt, living paycheck to paycheck and stressing out about every bill. Most people live their lives based on financial limitations instead of their desires and dreams. They are just surviving and barely getting by instead of moving forward and thriving. But all of these problems can be solved through financial knowledge and education. If you are one of those who want to get rid of or avoid these financial problems and create wealth and financial freedom, and live a life based upon your desires and dreams, then this book is for you. You will learn how you can financially prosper and thrive instead of struggling and surviving.

You will learn fundamental aspects of personal finance like:

  • Financial awareness
  • Managing money and budgeting
  • How to earn enough money
  • Improving your spending habits and saving money
  • Building wealth
  • Wealthy personality types
  • How to be financially disciplined
  • What money is and real values
  • The metaphysical side of finances

and more. After reading this book and understanding the content, you should start making better financial choices, that will improve your financial situation and your life. You will be able to see that you and anybody can create wealth and financial freedom regardless of your current and past situation. So, you can start your journey from financial struggle to financial freedom.


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